Thursday, August 30, 2007

My name is Keith Regensburger.

I've started this blog as part of my master program in education at the University of Colorado at Denver. I will be posting my assignments here as well as, I imagine, talking some about what I read and think.

However, a little about myself: I've been working in the corporate/military training industry for about 22 years. I started working in this program a few years ago and took about a year off. I'll be finishing next summer. I'm a native to Colorado, spent some years living in southern California but returned to the Denver area to raise my two kids, now 20 and 18. I'm now divorced and starting to live as a single person again. Pretty strange after so many years.

I work for BearingPoint, Inc. as a senior consultant. I was hired for my knowledge and experience in training and instructional design, a position I want to improve and build on with this degree. As a consultant, I travel for work and am only in Denver on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I've worked in St. Louis, MO; Alexandria, VA; Canton, OH; and in Doha, Qatar in the Persian Gulf. I'm now working on a Navy project in Annapolis, MD and will be doing much of my course work from there.My career has almost always involved computer- or web-based training.